Hair Care

How To Manage and Maintain Virgin Hair
Treat your virgin hair like you would treat your hair.

If possible, refrain from cutting the wefts when installing. Cutting the wefts weakens the construction of the wefts and increases shedding. Sealing your wefts on both sides of your virgin hair greatly reduces any possible shedding.

De-tangle or brush hair only with a wide tooth comb or wig/paddle brush. Never use skinny tooth combs to comb through hair. Always comb or brush the hair from the bottom up. Always de-tangle virgin hair before saturating in water.

Wash virgin hair with Organix products or shampoos that won’t strip the hair of natural oils. The stripping of the natural oils causes hair to dry out, tangle, and have a dull appearance.

Shampoo or co-wash the virgin hair frequently. While holding the wefts at the base, wash and condition virgin hair gently in downward motion with warm water. Do not bunch hair up while washing. After conditioning, rinse hair with cold water to seal in moisture.

Less products the better. Virgin hair only needs light and featherweight products. Only a nickle size of leave-in-condition and dime size amount of argan oil is needed to moisture damp hair. Air dry or towel blotting is recommended.

You can blow dry, straighten hair, curl iron, and style as you please but excessive heat to any hair type is damaging. Excessive heat can also alter wave/curl patterns as it would to any human hair. Use heat protectant when styling and use heat in moderation.

ALWAYS wrap your hair up at night. Placing a silk scarf, satin bonnet, or flexi rods in the hair at night will eliminate tangling or any form of hair clustering while sleeping.
How To Manage and Maintain Curly Hair
Please be aware that curly hair is very high maintenance and is most notable for being one of the hardest hair types to manage. The hair must be treated with much care in order to last longer.

Daily Routine: Hair care starts with proper maintenance at night. Twist your Kayy Bella Virgin Hair at night to reduce any possible shedding or tangling. Curly hair can get very kinky and has the tendency of getting tangled as any other curly human hair would. In the morning, untwist sections of hair and finger-comb with water and the leave in conditioner of your choice. A very small amount of extra virgin coconut oil can be added to the ends of the hair.

Weekly Routine: It is best that you co-wash your Kayy Bella Virgin Hair weekly. Before co-washing you should section your hair off into as many parts as desired and de-tangle the hair with a wide tooth comb. Next, you can utilize any of the products shown or any others products that will intensely nourish the hair. After the hair is co-washed and towel blotted/air dried, it is key to coat sectioned hair with leave in conditioner to moisturize and define curls.