Terms of Service

Please read all content carefully as it may apply to your purchase.

We strive to utilize hosts that supply nothing but high quality virgin hair. To ensure high quality virgin hair and customer satisfaction, Kayy Bella Virgin Hair is hand selected and machine double wefted. Our virgin hair is available in a variety of textures such as straight, wavy, and curly. Moreover, our company houses a lot of hair and all virgin bundles may not come from the same donor. With that being said, we cannot guarantee all the same color bundles if placing an order of 3 or more bundles. Some ends of the hair will generally be lighter than the roots due to aging.

Kayy Bella Virgin Hair payments are accepted through Paypal which is an anti-fraud and secure online operating system. When using PayPal, you'll be prompted to insert your information and once you click pay now your order will start processing. Payment plans or partial payments are not accepted by Kayy Bella Virgin Hair. All payments must be completed to its entirety through Paypal. Once you complete your Kayy Bella Virgin Hair invoice, processing begins immediately.